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Tantra can be "recited" like a prayer or to.....

Tantra can be "rehearsed" like a prayer or it can lead to one's own depth and essence. Some people see tantra as a sexual gimmick or modern psychotherapy. However, tantra is an ancient "sign" that shows the tantra seeker the way to freedom and truth. This always involves dissolving earthly entanglements and ending suffering. In this area of ​​my BeFree Tantra School of Love, the background of Tantra is made available piece by piece. Tantra teachings and teachers who have influenced BeFree Tantra will find a place here, as well as old and new instructions on tantra practice for those who are genuinely interested in tantra. Also discover here how the old and the contemporary combine wonderfully to form the stream of love and liberation that runs through life and permeates all times and spaces. I hope that with these pages I can help you to discover and use this current for yourself. On this page you will find a selection of the knowledge used by the BeFree Tantra School: https://befree-tantra.de/tantra-liebesschule-online/tantra-wissen

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