Die dunkle Jahreszeit ist für viele Menschen jährlich eine heraus..... - Befree Tantra Shop

For many people, the dark season of the year is one out.....

The dark season is a challenging time for many people every year. If you use this time in harmony, it becomes a happy and strengthening phase in the course of the year. People are often particularly challenged during the dark weeks. Relationship demons seem to be booming. I have put together some helpful tips for you below. Choose an idea every year and implement it. In this way, over the years, you are more and more able to resonate with the dark times in a healing way, here and there even in connection with a small pinch of light and nourishing eternity.

  • Sleep earlier and longer
  • Cancel appointments and plans
  • Meditation - journey within
  • Sleep, rest, massages, creativity
  • vacation or vitamin D
  • Accept help
  • Light the lights
  • Set the course
  • Make others happy
  • No separation in the dark season, no important decisions
  • Be good to yourself and others
  • Use the opportunities of the dark season
  • Learning to see the darkness in a new way

I have explained each point in detail for you on my website at https://befree-tantra.de/tantra-seminare/tipps-dunkle-saison. You will also find other helpful tips, traditions and rituals there that will help you get through the dark season well.

What do you do to get through the winter months well? Are you already using one or more of my tips?