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Technische Dinge fallen nicht unter meine Kernkompetenzen. Deshal..... - Befree Tantra Shop

Technical things do not fall under my core competencies. Therefore.....

Technical things do not fall under my core competencies. That's why new steps are always very exciting for me. Fortunately, my husband is always by my side. That's how it was last Saturday with the first live video attempt. He spent hours trying to connect our two cameras to Facebook and create a great background for the video. An hour before the start of the live video, we gave up and decided to broadcast it via cell phone. It had it all: The flipchart text was then written in mirror writing. The internet connection broke several times. My husband turns the phone over: Then the writing was legible again - but we couldn't see what was on the screen for you to see. Oh dear, oh dear. If we received a message: the internet connection was lost, you could still see us in our efforts to get the technology under control. In any case, we'll reshoot the video as usual in our living room studio and I'll post it here. But when it comes to live videos, we're not giving up. Since then, my husband has been researching every free minute and has already tested a few solutions. Yes, you can actually test live video. Only you can see them and nobody else. We should have known beforehand. But we learn most from mistakes. And of course there will be a second attempt soon!