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Uns allen sitzt das Schuldspiel in den Poren. Wenn wir uns unwohl..... - Befree Tantra Shop

We all have the blame game in our pores. If we are uncomfortable.....

We all have the blame game in our pores. When we feel uncomfortable or angry, we immediately look to the outside for blame. And if you're looking, you'll find, of course. At some point I realized that I'm sometimes just in a bad mood for no reason. In doing so, I attract suitable circumstances. If I didn't know that my bad mood or my readiness to deal with conflicts were already there, I would of course fall into the trap of blaming external events for it. We don't always recognize these subtle connections. A Course in Miracles® says that the inside comes first. The outside adapts to this. That is a very revolutionary statement. Especially when we look at all the horrors in the outside world. But maybe it's enough to focus on your little world first. What is the opposite of "sacrifice"? In my opinion, self-responsibility. When we recognize our part in what is happening, we have taken a big step. We can then change our own shares. According to "course" the outside world will change as well. Nobody should believe that. Just try it. Have you already had such experiences? Do you fall easily into the victim role? And if so, how do you get out of there?