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In "Ein Kurs in Wundern®" heißt es: "Jeder Angriff ist ein Angrif..... - Befree Tantra Shop

In "A Course in Miracles®" it says: "Every attack is an attack.....

A Course in Miracles® says, "Every attack is an attack on myself." Or: Conflict always weakens you first. I can confirm that. When there is thick air, I feel uncomfortable. Any anger gnaws at me and produces aggressive thoughts. My peace is gone. Nobody wins by conflict and by attacking each other. Everyone loses their zest for life. Attack gnaws at happiness and diminishes it. What to do instead? Eat everything? Certainly not, because that doesn't feel good either and can also make you ill. How about? Exchange ideas openly and respectfully and maybe practice a bit to let other opinions stand instead of trying to convince each other or having to be right? Is it light? Probably not. At least for most people. But we can try umpteen times every day, try peaceful methods together. Today is the best day for that. Maybe one day it will work. Then it's a great success.