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YabYum originally means man-woman and is a representation of a.....

YabYum originally means male-female and is a representation of a male and female deity engaged in sexual union. The female figure sits on the lap of the male.

As the original tantric teaching, which can be found primarily in Tibet and Nepal, the focus is not at all on the erotic effect. The hugging of woman and man during sexual intercourse is intended to symbolize that all opposites are eliminated in a unity experience. Both forces (male and female) unite and become part of a feeling of unity.

Instead of practicing this position, the YabYum figures were often used as concentration aids for meditators. In today's western tantra, these roots have largely been lost, and there are few tantric seekers who want to go to the origins. That is why we use the YabYum position as a station on the inward journey and as an aid to detaching ourselves from a very goal-oriented sexuality in order to connect energetically - a real precursor to a fulfilling experience.

Have you tried the YabYum seat? If yes, how did it make you feel?