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Sexual problems in women arise either in the course of their own.....

Women's sexual problems either arise in the course of their own life history, for example through experiences of violence such as sexual abuse or rape. Many years of experience of a sexuality that is geared towards the needs of men and overlooks female desire also creates a sexual defense in women. Men's sexuality requires no preparation in healthy men. The desire is there quickly and after a sexual discharge just as quickly fizzles out again. Women who have experienced fast, violent or even painful sexuality will sooner or later completely withdraw from these permanent injuries to their femininity. Collectively, too, women have limitations that repeatedly cut them off from the free experience of voluptuous pleasure. The worldwide suppression - especially of female lust - also leaves traces in every single woman through time and space. Some women feel this more than others. Ultimately, however, no woman is spared. A woman who feels completely sexually free and indulges in sex as she pleases, whenever and however she pleases, easily falls into disrepute and is marginalized in society. This may be one of the reasons why women find it so difficult to free themselves to their fullest lust. Woman's lust needs time, relaxation and a connection with the heart to blossom.

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As a woman, have you ever dealt with sexual problems? Have sexual problems ever been an issue for you and your partner? If so, how did you deal with it?