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Manfred Rother ist seit 2020 als Co-Leiter bei BeFree Tantrasemin..... - Befree Tantra Shop

Manfred Rother has been a co-leader at BeFree Tantrasemin since 2020.....

Manfred Rother has been a co-leader of BeFree Tantra seminars since 2020. He has been a seminar leader for more than 30 years. In addition to working with the inner child, his particular specialty is mantra singing, family constellations and much more. the Gurdjieff Movements. They are sequences of movements, accompanied by a special music composed by Gurdjieff, which lead us immediately and very effectively into inner stillness and peace.

Practicing the sometimes challenging preliminary exercises and body prayers together develops over time a relaxed vigilance for the right action at the right moment (not being too early and not too late, but being on the point, even in everyday life). It's also about the free inner and outer flow of unbroken wholeness!

I was able to persuade Manfred to record a small sample of the Gurdjieff Movements for us. Newcomers can learn what Gurdjieff Movements are and even make their first experiences with them using the videos and explanations. The Movements are also called body prayer because they connect us with our still inner being. In the videos we experience the "prayer of gratitude" together with Manfred.
You can view the recordings on my website (https://befree-tantra.de/blog/gurdieff-movements). and try out the movements yourself.

Have you ever heard of the Gurdjieff Movements or even tried them yourself?