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Das weibliche Geschlecht hat im Tantra den schönen Namen Yoni. Um..... - Befree Tantra Shop

In tantra, the female gender has the beautiful name Yoni. Around.....

In tantra, the female sex has the beautiful name Yoni. Colloquially, there is no comparable word that can duly and respectfully, even appreciatively, describe the female sex center. The word yoni comes from Sanskrit and can be translated as vulva, womb, site, origin. In past centuries she was sung about and worshiped in enciphering, venerating words as a fragrant rose, as a sacred womb, as the gate of life.

Many women don't even know the secrets of their magic flower. For years they have often endured a sexuality that did not suit them at all. In the tantra yoni massage, a true tantric healing massage, women and men learn a new, very conscious way of dealing with the "female temple of lust".

Have you ever received or given a tantric yoni massage?