Lustvolle Frau - glücklicher Mann, stimmt’s?
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Lusty woman - happy man, right? No man is real.....

Luscious woman - happy man, right?
No man is really happy if he can't really reach the woman physically. Then the intimate encounter remains stale and unfulfilled for him too. That's why a lustful woman is the greatest gift for a man - and of course for yourself.

Woman's lust is a mystery to many. Sexuality in relationships suffers for women and men from a lack of knowledge about women's lust. Pain replaces the magic that started sex. However, the lustful woman does not have to remain a dream! In more than thirty years of working with women, I have gathered a lot of knowledge about access to female pleasure and the ticket to woman's eroticism.
This knowledge should help both men and women to discover the real pleasure of women in order to achieve sexual fulfillment together to experience in the partnership. Almost a hundred short films ( ) contribute to this, which show the erotic touches from head to toe, that awaken the lusty woman. Displeasure can recede into the background the more female sexuality develops. Access to women's sexual pleasure is very different from that of men. While he likes to feel the direct touch on his pleasure center, the so-called two-handed grip on the breast and yoni immediately kills any desire of the woman, unless this happens in high arousal. Women - in their original nature - are not result and goal oriented. But on the contrary. They love the trappings, the playful and the lust for parts of the body where no man can imagine that an erotic vein flows there.

Have you already found out which touches and body parts activate your lust or that of your partner?