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Soeben habe ich ein Riesenprojekt beendet. Drei ganze Jahre lang ..... - Befree Tantra Shop

I just finished a huge project. For three whole years.....

I just finished a huge project. I've been working on my website for three whole years, which now has 420 pages! When I started in March 2018, I had the feeling that I didn't just have to renovate a single house, but the houses of an entire city. And so it was. I've just made the final virtual stroke of the pen, so to speak. There are certainly still little things here and there, but finally, finally, finally I've made it. You can't even imagine how many hundredweight are falling off my back right now. It's unbelievable what you can get off the ground in just three years. When I click through my website now, I can hardly believe it. I hope that it will now be able to linger around the web for a few years without any necessary adjustments being made again. If you are interested, please have a look at befree-tantra.de. The last area I revised is the love school. It looked unkempt for a long time and now it's something to be proud of. And today I finished the dream man project. Of course, I'm happy if some of you take a look at the site and its diversity. And if you happen to discover any small mistakes, that's great, you write them to me.