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Ehe ich in dieses Erdenleben kam
Ward mir gezeigt, wie ich es leb..... - Befree Tantra Shop

Before I came into this earth life I was shown how to live it.....

Before I came into this earth life Was shown me how I would live it. There was sorrow, there was grief, There was the misery and the burden of suffering. There was the truck that was meant to grab me There was error that captivated. There was the quick anger I growled in There was hatred and arrogance, pride and shame. But there were also the joys of those days Who are full of light and beautiful dreams, Where lamentation is no more, and plague no more, And everywhere the fountain of gifts runs. Where love to him who is still bound in earthly clothing, The bliss of the detached gives, Where man escaped human torment As a chosen one of high spirits thinks. I was shown the bad and the good I was shown the fullness of my shortcomings. I was shown the wound from which I bleed I was shown the helping hand of the angels. And as I looked at my future life Then a being hears me do the question Did I dare to live this Because the hour of decision is now. And once again I measured everything bad — "This is the life I want to live!" — I answered in a determined voice. That's how it was when I started my new life And silently took upon me my new destiny. That's how I was born into this world. I don't complain if I often don't like it Because unborn I said yes What do you mean? Is the sentence correct?