Hilfen rund um die Themen Liebe und Partnerschaft

Ich jedenfalls hatte schon mehrfach solche Träume. Nur wusste ich..... - Befree Tantra Shop

Anyway, I've had dreams like this before. only i knew.....

Anyway, I've had dreams like this before. I just didn't know I could believe them. When we split up, a former partner confessed to me: that my dreams were always right. I had always dreamed which night he had cheated on me with which woman. I had my job in Hunsrück and we only saw each other once during the week and at the weekend. But once I had dreamed a very, very good dream in advance. I'll tell you about it in the live video "The Concert Miracle." You could see it today, Friday, on facebook.com/gemeinsamaufkurs at 5:30 p.m.!