Again and again, the word "Tantra" gives defense or mistrust to fear. Is it group sex or wild orgies? Do I have to expect that I unite within a Tantra Seminar Sexually with other participants? Is you always naked at tanning agents? Much unawared that stalks the imagination floats in the minds of people. Reports of the media sometimes stoke the reservations. In fact, you can find everything on the Tantra market: Wilder sex up to the pure tantric meditation embossed by outermost abstinence. What is Tantra really? How is Bebere Tantra offered by other Tantra offered?


Where does Tantra come from?

The origins of Tantra can be found in India. Tantra itself is not a religion, but penetrates the two religions incurred in India Buddhism and Hinduism. About the historical beginnings there are ambiguity. So the beginning is sometimes 7000 BC. Dated, other sites are given the time 300 v. Firm. "Tantras" are the traditional old texts, which in Hinduism from talks between the male and female deity in question and answer. The Buddhist Tantras are mantra-like formulas and later teachers. The contents of the Tantras were secret and were passed on to his students in various stages of the inauguration of the teacher (Guru). By and large, the tendency of the texts is a guide to practice. The aim of this practice of Tantra student ultimately is his exemption from the earthly attachments by returning to unity. However, overcoming the opposites of the material world does not happen by rejection and asceticism, but by affirming all aspects of existence. Yes, even far more: the body, the sexuality, human entanglements are becoming precise the liberation. If man is connected by the daily practice and the instruction by a Tantra Master back to his divine origin, i. Enlights, he has realized the Tantric goal. He is then "the sky close".



Where does the name BEFRE TANTRA?

Today, the Western Tantra schools are gladly accused of having nothing to do with the original Tantraweg. The so-called "Neo-Tantra" is devalued to be pure wellness events. However, if you throw an honest look at the Tantra offers, so you have to admit that many tantrasons are still tied to the tradition of tantra and the original target, even if sometimes is not in consciousness. Although the methods and tools have adapted to the zeitgeist. All Tantric visitors, however, who go beyond the pure living aid, are led to spiritual practice. It is irrelevant whether one follows that for us more easily understandable instructions of spiritual teachings (e.g. Eckhart great or the "course in wonders") or learn the eternally unalterable truth from the old texts and learn. Even today, as before, Tantra is not religion. In this respect, everyone is welcome in its special religious coloring and then when his life is not a specified form (religion) of the search for the larger. Everyone who calls atheistic is welcome in the Tantra from the heart. There is nothing that could not be used on the journey to self-knowledge. BEFRE TANTRA continues the original Tantra tradition. The liberation of man from his earthly attachments, the bliss and freedom as a result, is the goal. BEFRE TANTRA is a tanroach of the liberation. It uses life and practice in everyday life as the supreme teacher. The Tantraseminars, other events and training for the BEFRE TANTRALERHERRER show the way there and accompany it as long as the "Tantra Student" desires and needs.




Since Tantra is all-encompassing and responsive to the whole person, each seminar participant and each seminar participant will be touched on different levels depending on the personal state of development. Tantra gets all right where they are. There is no judgment, but only an invitation. Since the "whole" is available, very unlimited and unlimited, it offers all everyone. Only the own limit "dosed" or selects. The recent levels of Tantra work mix themselves and rarely occur in a clean form. In the end, most seminar scorers yearn for thereafter longing to be able to live and love.



Tantra as a pleasure

It is not excluded that participants come to treat themselves a good and fulfilling break from everyday life and otherwise do not pursue any further goal. Due to the higher consciousness level resulting in tantrasemares, this is usually automatically "by-product" of the tantric work. It's okay when a person comes from such reasons and also receives what he is looking for. In the long term, however, the deeper levels of the Tantra way will also open up and he will experience the strongly changing positive force for its entire life. All the senses are woven into the Tantric experience: fragrances, touches, see, listen, and the tantric taste as a whole but also in very concrete things. Tantra - in a pure original form - is heavenly enjoyment. And this may begin enjoying the Earth fruits. The almost all people sitting in the pores sitting in the pores (too little from ..., not enough ...) comes to the border of his resolution in the face of the experienced abundance of being in Tantraseminaren and Tantra rituals. It is very often happening that we are in seminars "the sky close".



Tantra as a life help

Tantra offers comprehensive living aid for modern people. Lebenshilfe means all the helpful effects that dissolve personal injustice, pain and suffering, one-way thinking and behavioral patterns, uneven ties on past experiences from childhood and life history. The result of this is an increased quality of life and joie de vivre. Specifically, the name can be found to find a new life partner in seminars, which is at a similar development stage. Or a transformation of life to more mindfulness and to experience fulfilling sexuality through getting to know and practice of Tantra rituals. It can happen to open (or reopen) of the heart for love in which sexuality belongs to the whole person and penetrates. It can mean that the sacrificial role and the guilt ("something of external prevents me on the full luck") is given up for all times, and man grows into its full sense of self-responsibility. Women learn to know the real female sexuality and how they can realize them in everyday life instead of rolling out of performance-oriented and overactive physicality. Old wounds through sexual abuse or painful sexual experiences can close while a new sensibility and dedication awakens. In addition to breath, energy, and bodywork, especially the family offices to Bert Hellinger is helpful. The most beautiful Tantramacassages and Tantra rituals remain permanently ineffective when the conditions are not available at a deep mental level that love can flow. For example, couples experience that they love each other and can not come close to each other. Singles are to be free for a new partnership, but the unconscious entanglement with the family system keeps them captured against good intentions in altogether. A woman who is a "father's daughter" (for her the father more important than the mother) longes for permanent love luck, will have to learn to sit down in the banners of the women of their family system to get into their full force as a woman. Sexual problems (unusual, erection problem, orgasm problems, etc.) of woman and man also represent a significant source of self-liberation. Regina Heckert specializes in the job work particularly. Tantra as a life help allows ultimately a deep inner cleaning and liberation of ballast and unnecessary contaminated sites of life, so that the path becomes free for happiness. The special feature of the Tantra is that there is many wonders and ecstatic experiences.



Tantra as an extension and finishing

"There must be more than what I know so far!" This motivation brings people to TantraWeg, which do not fit into the two categories mentioned above. They intuitively feel that life, love, sexuality contains even more than that so far experienced. They are ready for the tanning extension. This extension is a consciousness extension that affects body, mind and soul alike. As with a birth, Man Stöffe slips around stage again and again into new, other spaces. Needless to become unnecessary boundaries will always be left out of new ones. The journey is more and more inside. The outer and visible body is the starting point. Take him to perceive him as practice in everyday life demands awareness of the mind. The mind rules most people and chases them around in the world. He should be useful tool to regulate the practical things of life. On the Tantra trip, the consciousness is deducted from the mind and anchored in the body. Again and again. The more that succeeds, the more free the person becomes of the so-called "head cinema". The perception refines more and more. Soon the inner body can be perceived as a fine energy stream. Here begins the joy of being - a great journey of discovery beyond the bustle of the outer world. Knowing and controlling the thoughts and to control the perception of the inner body in the whole day, requires a clear Tantric training. At the latest here begins the way of daily spiritual practice and meditation, which is individually tailored to every Tantra student. Finishing of man - or as it is called in the books "The Tantric Transformation" - becomes here for the self-imposed spiritual exercise. A new worldview grows. This path of change also includes phases of internal maturation as painfully experienced. The so-called "ego" resists vehemently against his resolution. However, this is necessary if the original target of the Tantra is targeted through all times and rooms. Throughout concrete exercises you can find in the love school online, for example the lighting am meditation to the sexual healing for women or the gentle and silent sexual association. Here, both fine feeling is provided as well as being developed at the same time. Each form of meditation is supportive. Sexuality leaves the orbit around the coarse planet Earth here. She grabbing with meditation and spirituality to a new his level. It loses its purely animal purpose in favor of the development of the subtle body and higher consciousness.


Tantra as a goal for the present

At any moment, the gates are open to the present. Tantra is one of these goals. Anyone who goes consistently the way of liberation is always inevitably landing at the only place, which brings true happiness and fulfillment: inwardly experienced here and now. If the way also likes to offer so many challenges: it is lined with all these gemstones and consolations by experiencing pure presence. For many years, the Tantra student will shut up between the infringement steered in confidence and the oases of fulfillment. The more he is entrusted to his being and goes to his feel, i.e., in the awareness and feel of his inner body and its depths, the more "redemption" of uneven ties, entanglements, attachments happens. Tantra trains the "muscle of present at the heart of the Tantra student at the heart of the heart, until one day is so strong that a longer stay and stay in the normal state here and now. Then external events have lost power to steer life. An inner serenity recognizes everything as "equal to valid", it feels and is no longer liable. Here begins the greatest possible freedom that can be experienced in the body. Now you are in the middle of the world, but not "from the world". The inner home, the real home, the true itself has detached the false identification with the body and mind. The outer world is recognized as a "dream". That is eternal is and remains.



Tantra as self-knowledge

Who has gone so far, experienced temporary or persistent enlightenment. Enlightenment is nothing more than a recognition of what is eternally immutable. There is no difference between self-knowledge and God recognition. The unit, the original target is realized. Life is pulsating in original purity. Nothing is separate or different. The outside reflects the inside. Illusions have no more power to bind the soul. It is outdoor. There are no words here, no idea, no more pictures. In the awareness is only the informal behind and in all forms.