Hilfen rund um die Themen Liebe und Partnerschaft

Über Sex wird immer noch viel zu wenig geredet, und währenddessen..... - Befree Tantra Shop

Sex is still far too little talked about, and meanwhile...

There is still far too little talk about sex, and certainly not during that time. Many a woman falls out of the pleasure boat, which then simply goes to its destination without her. Some people have often lost the sexual language. That's why it's so important to find them again or to discover them in the first place.
Is it easy? Yes and no. For those who are used to raising sensitive issues, it is not a problem. For everyone else, the good intention of finally addressing things often gets stuck in their throats and forms the famous lump.
Do you dare to ask inappropriate questions?
In seminars there is always the suggestion to ask inappropriate questions. All about love, lust and partnership, of course.
What are inappropriate questions? These are questions that we once learned that it is not proper to ask them.
Especially when it comes to our own love life or that of other people, we are in a kind of taboo prison. We don't dare to ask how the neighbors are doing in bed. Or?
And the neighbor would probably look at us in shock. But with friends, can we dare to cross our taboo boundaries?
At least we do it in seminars. And what do you think, how much laughter is there every time. It's so liberating. We practice asking inappropriate questions and those who are asked don't have to answer if they don't want to. He can simply praise the other person for the cheeky, inappropriate question.
But most of the time, answers are given and very intensive discussions ensue. And everyone breathes a sigh of relief that there is finally light in the darkness.
The taboo withdraws furtively and makes room for a new breadth and freedom. We all breathe a sigh of relief together.
Is there something you would like to ask someone and don't dare?