Im Tantra wird der Körper als Hilfsmittel für die Reise nach inne..... - Befree Tantra Shop

In tantra, the body is used as a tool for the journey within.....

In tantra, the body is used as a tool for the inward journey. And the whole body. No part of the body is excluded or devalued, but given love and attention. Every part of the body also has psychic qualities that have mostly been repressed. The conscious and loving handling of the "outer" body awakens the presence inside - the gateway to being.

Especially the genitals, called yoni (female sex) and lingam (male sex) in tantra, and the anus have seldom experienced informal and natural handling. Tension and hardening, shame and guilt or exaggerated expectations are in every pore. Alert presence and mindful touch can solve and help. The body and every part of it can "breathe" and come to itself.

Even with the tantric lingam massage, no part of the body is neglected: everything can be stroked and massaged, every finger, the ear, the face, the feet, the back of the knees, the neck - the whole universe of love. In this way, the body becomes a signpost for a fulfilled and healing love life and a bridge to a deeper reality.

The lingam is a magic wand. As a man's love organ, he needs a lot of love and touch. Most of the time he was only used and not really loved, both by man and woman. If conscious and loving touches are brought to the lingam beyond the orgasm fixation, a new intimacy and love lust can develop that enriches man and woman.

Have you ever given or received a tantric lingam massage? If so, how did you feel about them?