Für die Lust der Frau gibt es ganz andere Eintrittskarten als für..... - Befree Tantra Shop

There are completely different tickets for the lust of the woman than for.....

There are completely different admission tickets for woman's lust than for man's. How is she awakened? What blockages do you need to overcome? How does one navigate the orgasm jungle: clitoral, vaginal, multiple, cosmic, prolonged, simultaneous, fake? Studies show that sexual play with pleasure is not that easy for many women, especially when it comes to orgasm.

Even if the media today is full of information about sex, things often don't look all that rosy in actual love beds. Real lust in women is still in its infancy. Many women are unable to communicate their sexual needs, or do not yet know them. Sometimes the man also becomes an obstacle because he projects his sexual ideas onto the woman.

If the woman's body becomes a guide in the love bed, an expansion of the sexual repertoire can result, which will also greatly enrich the man. After the approximately one-hour lecture, there will be an opportunity to ask questions about lust, love and women's orgasms.

If you want to be there, you need a free account at joyclub.de. Sign up in time. There are already over 1000 registrations. I look forward to many listeners.