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Das Tantrakloster habe ich schon vor vielen Jahren erfunden und i..... - Befree Tantra Shop

I invented the tantra monastery many years ago and i.....

I invented the tantra monastery many years ago and integrated it into my tantra seminars, even if others have borrowed the term in the meantime. For years I practiced tantra diligently and at the same time there were many monastic stays in my younger years. I found stillness there more easily than in the turbulence of the world. However, I missed the sauna and sexuality. In a secular community in which I lived for half a year, there were enough of the latter, but there was a complete lack of introspection and spirituality. Both belong to me: holiness and desire, spirituality and sexuality. Even as a child, I experienced a deep division in the Catholic Church in this regard. And in tantra I overcame and healed them again. But the monastery also has its treasures, and so I dared to invent the tantra monastery. At a multi-day seminar at Gut Frohberg there is usually a day in the monastery with silence and a ban on physical contact. There is a lot of meditation, the monastery choir sings and the monastery shop is open. While there is no physical touching (sinners can go to confession), sacred light sex is highly recommended, which involves making energetic contact with one another - often at a much greater intensity than usual. It was and remains a great invention, my tantric monastery. Most of the time it is also the highlight of my participants. If you want to know more about it, let me know in the comments and I'll give you the link to my article about it. Otherwise, I'm also happy to answer your questions.