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Manchmal habe ich mich im Leben gefragt, ob ich wohl den Absprung..... - Befree Tantra Shop

Sometimes in life I've asked myself if I could take the jump.....

Sometimes in life I've asked myself if I can make the leap? And then one day I just gave it a try: The first time I jumped out of the plane at a height of 700 meters alone with a rip cord. The second time it was a tandem jump from 3000 meters in free fall. I've never widened my eyes in amazement as the earth rushed toward me. was i excited O yes! The night before I could hardly sleep and kept asking myself why I was trying something so crazy. Then there was also a memorial for the casualties at the airfield upon arrival. I could feel my pulse throughout my body. And I still dared. Everything went well, even years later with the tandem jump. That was in Mexico. Just flying up with the decrepit, rickety machine was almost unbearable. I was happy when we were finally allowed to jump. In life, too, I made the leap: from a relationship that was no longer consistent and from my job. I had been a teacher and whenever I noticed that someone had simply given up their secure civil service job, I was strangely touched and yet convinced that I would never dare to do so. At some point it was finally time, and I jumped out of my secure job, which I actually loved very much. In fact, there was a kind of free fall afterwards. I was really up in the air, at least as far as the finances were concerned. But at some point everyone gets their feet back on the ground. I made the jumps of my life and I'm very happy about that. Because every jump has led me into a new and wider life, even if the transitions were sometimes difficult. But what counts is the result. Is there an area in your life where you could take a leap into the unknown?