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With tantra massages, the whole body including the geni.....

With tantra massages, the whole body including the genitals is touched in a healing way. Through the special atmosphere created in the tantra ritual, both the giving and the receiving person reach expanded spaces of presence and awareness. The whole person is addressed and the one-sided fixation on the only sexual is overcome.
For many people, tantra massages open up a whole new area of ​​existence, which immensely expands and enriches previous sexual experiences. For people who find it difficult to open up to sexual love, the tantra massages are an invitation to start all over again. For the centers where injuries are often stored, mostly heart and sex centers, it is important to bring nourishing "balm" to the wounds with mindfulness and respect.
Therefore, the giver is in an attitude of unintended support there. The receiving person can explore what the different touches trigger in them as fearlessly as possible. Emotional openness, emotional connection, presence in the body, mental clarity and inspiration set in.

Have you ever tried a tantra massage at home or at a seminar?