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„Tantra ist keine Religion, denn eine Religion bedeutet im Wesent..... - Befree Tantra Shop

"Tantra is not a religion, because a religion essentially means...

“Tantra is not a religion, because a religion basically means: for the divine, against the animal – every religion creates part of a conflict in this way. Tantra is not a martial art, it is a transformational technique. It doesn't fight with the animal, it's not for the sacred, it's against all dualism. It's not for or against anything. It simply creates a third force within you, a third center where you are neither an animal nor a saint. In Tantra, this third point is Advaita, this third point is non-duality.

Tantra says you cannot attain unity by struggling with duality. You cannot reach a non-dual point by choosing a side in the battle of dualities. If you choose, you will not attain unity, only through impartial witnessing.

This is fundamental to tantra, and that is why tantra has never been properly understood. It has suffered from long misunderstandings, centuries old, because when tantra says it is not anti-animal, you immediately think tantra is anti-divine.

In truth, tantra is about unbiased observation. Don't be identified with the beast, don't be identified with the sacred, and don't create conflict. Step back a little, step aside a little, put a distance between you and this duality, and become the third force, the observer, from there you can see the beast and the saint.”

Osho, The Book of Secrets, Talk #59

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