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Wenn wir uns ein Ziel setzen, kommt es uns manchmal unerreichbar ..... - Befree Tantra Shop

When we set a goal, sometimes it seems unattainable.....

When we set a goal, sometimes it seems unattainable. It looks like we're struggling and just not getting anywhere. I remember when my son learned to crawl. For the first few days, he made an incredible effort to reach a toy that was in front of him. But instead of going forward, he crawled backwards. And he scolded with his baby sounds: "Adda, adda, nang, nang!" I can still hear him today and his despair that his movements have catapulted him backwards. He was furious that his efforts took him away from his goal. Homeopathy describes this as an initial aggravation. We all know that too: instead of making progress, it looks like we are falling behind. In doing so, we might just gather and bundle our strengths for the upcoming new movements - for a quantum leap in our development. After days full of setbacks, my son found the way forward. He could crawl, later walk and, and, and. And we all do that too, even if we don't give up immediately because of minor setbacks. Do you also know examples from your life?