Im Tantra werden die Genitalien von Frau und Mann verehrt. Das is..... - Befree Tantra Shop

In tantra, the genitals of both women and men are worshiped. That is.....

In tantra, the genitals of women and men are worshiped. This is new and very touching for many people. The woman's yoni blossoms especially when she is taken out of the sleazy corner and seen anew as the magic flower of lust.

For many women, a kind of healing happens with intentional and sensitive touches.
You can find more information about yoni massages on my website BeFree Tantra in the seminars or love school section. There you can also find 55 different yoni touches in a tantric way in the shop.
Do you know yoni massages? Have you already had good experiences with it? As a woman? As a man?